In Bandwagon, drummer Charlie Flagg (Matthew Hennessey), a gregarious nonstop talker, forms a rock band in North Carolina with singer and songwriter Tony Ridge (Lee Holmes) who's just been fired from his job. Only problem is that Tony's so shy, he hides in a closet while trying out his songs. They add two other members to the band which takes the name "Circus Monkey": Wynn Knopp (Kevin Corrigan), a perpetually stoned guitarist, and Eric Elwood (Steve Parlavecchio), a bass player who's got a loan shark on his case.

Writer and director John Schultz has fashioned a funny and rollickingly good movie about the challenges of keeping a band together on the road. Creating a new family can be hell on earth. Doug MacMillan steals the film with his hilarious portrait of Linus Tate, a nonverbal manager who patiently nurtures the band and tries to help them see clearly when they are courted by a big record company. Bandwagon, with its ample supplies of soul and sass, is a delightful entertainment.