Babe was the most surprising treat of 1995. It came to us from Australia via director Chris Noonan and producer George Miller. A taciturn farmer guesses the correct weight of a piglet at a fair and takes the animal home convinced that there's something special about him. The orphan pig, named Babe, is adopted by Fly, a border collie who along with her husband Rex takes care of herding and protecting the farm's sheep. The newcomer also befriends Ferdinand, a duck who upsets the hierarchical social order of the farm by acting like a rooster. Through a series of dramatic turns, Babe learns the trade of sheep herding and overcomes the stigma of being a stupid pig or, worse, Christmas dinner. However, instead of intimidation he uses affirmation to keep the sheep moving.

This delightful film celebrates the dignity and variety of animals — the whole story is told from their perspective. You will love all of these creatures and titter over the good humored mice who announce different chapter heads in the story. Babe is a little moral masterpiece with its honoring of the values of self-esteem, hospitality, empathy, and service of others.