Benji the Hunted is the fourth film to star this adorable pooch who can convey a rainbow of expressions with his face. It's no wonder that Benji has been inducted into the Animal Actor's Hall of Fame — this dog really can act. This time, writer-drector Joe Camp displays his star's wide-ranging talents by giving him a supporting cast consisting almost entirely of wild animals. As the film opens, Benji is feared lost at sea after a fishing trip. Frank Inn, his real-life trainer who portrays himself in the movie, believes he could have swum ashore and begins a helicopter search of the nearby forest. Benji is indeed alive and encountering new challenges in the wilderness. After he wintesses a hunter kill a cougar, he happens upon her four orphaned cubs. Despite his own predicament, Benji locates food for the cubs and leads them on a chase to find an adoptive mother. Along the way, he squares off against the hunter, a nasty timber wolf, and a huge black bear. Most of this summer's movies are too violent and scary for young children. It is a pleasure to report that Benji the Hunted succeeds as a suspenseful adventure story without any gratuitous gore. Children and adults alike will find themseles cheering for this caring four-pawed hero who gives the Good Samaritan story from the Scriptures a few new twists.