Ways to practice Joy include celebrations, dancing, drumming, singing, laughter, smiling, rejoicing in another's good fortune, and the specific practices below.

A Moment by May Sarton shares wisdom about happiness and a simple idea for increasing it.

Dance Like Mad by Raphael Cushnir calls us to let go of awkwardness and lose ourselves in the moment.

Enjoying the Crest and the Hollow by Andrew Harvey puts forward a body surfing practice to understand and rejoice in the cycles of life.

Guaranteed Happiness by Bernie S. Siegel directs us to do something for somebody, quick!

How to Walk Cheerfully by Jay Marshall shares steps to help you meet the world with welcome engagement.

I Slept by Rabindranath Tagore invites us to more joy and meaning in life.

Lighten Up by Pema Chodron helps us cultivate our humor and curiosity.

Make a Mood Music Inventory by Donald Altman deepens our awareness of how music attunes us toward or away from joy.

Mouth Yoga by Thich Nhat Hanh urges smiling and releasing to relax the face.

One Blessed Memory by Joyce Rupp advocates for consciously cultivating our experience of joy by replaying a sustaining memory.

Receiving People with a Cheerful Countenance by Michael Strassfeld offers a way to give a precious gift to others.

Rejoice by B. Alan Wallace encourages us to rejoice in virtue and goodness in ourselves and others.

Rejoicing in Inner Goodness and Altruistic Deeds by Chade-Meng Tan beckons us to the joy inherent in each altruistic act.

Remembering Joy by Bernie S. Siegel suggests that we keep a smile journal to help us remember joyful times.

Sixty-Second Stop by Pragito Dove explains a technique for increasing your love and happiness.

Track Your Joy by Donald Altman teaches us to share our joy and to support others’ experiences of joy.

True Destiny by David A. Cooper recommends practices of joy that can nourish the soul and lighten the heart.

More Spiritual Practices about Joy