• The Global Soul: Pico Iyler proves to be a perfect international guide to a brave new world of multiculturalism, instant communication, vast movements of refugees, and spreading homelessness.
  • Off the Reservation: Paula Gunn Allen writes about the spiritual benefits of mixed ancestry, heritage, and culture.
  • Sacred Dying: Megory Anderson suggests ways to sit vigil with dying persons and to be open to what arises in the moment.
  • The Future of the Self: Walter Truett Anderson presents post-modern psychology's construct of human nature as multiphrenic, protean, relational, and characterized by openness.
  • Beyond the Darkness: Shirley du Boulay lionizes Benedictine priest Bede Griffiths for his openness to people of all religions and especially those who had wandered away from Christianity.
  • Blue Truth: David Deida gives an in-depth salute to the spiritual practice of openness.
  • Pope John XXIII: Christian Feldman reviews the life and work of Pope John XXIII who humanized the office and opened the door to the renewal of the Catholic Church.
  • Essential Tai Ji: Chungliang Al Huang presents an invigorating overview of this ancient martial arts practice designed to facilitate an open body, mind, and spirit.
  • Open Mind: Diane Mariechild offers meditations to achieve an open mind.
  • Awake Mind, Open Heart: Cynthia Kneen offers an inspiring overview of the Shambhala warrior training to awake the mind and open the heart developed by the Tibetan Buddhist scholar and meditation master Chogyam Trungpa.
  • Between Two Souls: Mary Lou Kownacki demonstrates the beauty and the bounties of spiritual openness, hospitality, and connections.
  • A Geography of Time: Robert Levine's study of the geography of time is a cross-cultural gem examining different points of view about time.
  • Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: Shunyru Suzuki presents a classic on the spiritual practices of openness, nonduality, emptiness, and enlightenment.
  • Expect a Miracle: Dan Wakefield's engaging accounts of individuals whose lives have been enriched by experiences which defy logic and the consensus view of reality.
  • Behold Your Life: Macrina Wiederkehr provides exercises to help us plumb the depth of our experiences and be more open to what is happening to us.
  • Rumi: Leslie Wines celebrates the openness of the thirteenth-century poet and seer Rumi.
  • Conversation: Theodore Zeldin will speak to all those tired of the egocentric posturing and adversarial stance of so much that passes for talk today.


Solar Storms is a novel by Linda Hogan about an encounter with both one's roots and the unknown. After years in foster homes, seventeen-year-old Angel returns to her Native American family. Together with three of her women elders, she journeys through the wilderness to her ancestral homeland. Angel's unique coming-of-age is achieved through the practice of openness on many levels.

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