• Real Power: James A. Autry and Stephen Mitchell demonstrate the visionary dimensions of the Tao Te Ching as a spur to leadership wisdom.
  • Wisdom Circles: Charles Garfield, Candy Spring, and Sedonia Cahill describe wisdom circles as places to nurture visions and define missions.
  • Meinrad Craighead: Meinrad Craighead brings together 250 reproductions of her visionary paintings, along with a generous selection of her writings on sacred stories, dreams, pilgrimages, and the Great Mother.
  • Promise Ahead: Duane Elgin outlines five adversity trends which demand that human beings around the globe grow up and mature into a new vision.
  • Teilhard in the 21st Century: Editors Arthur Fabel and Donald St. John demonstrate ways in which visionary Teilhard de Chardin continues to send ripples across the waters of religion, science, theology, and environmental studies.
  • Sheer Joy: Matthew Fox covers the visionary work of Thomas Aquinas.
  • The Unknown She: Hilary Hart explores the visions of mystics who treasure yearning, passion, listening, and other intangible feminine virtues.
  • Moral Courage: Rushworth Kidder presents his vision of moral courage needed to live an ethical life.
  • Navigating the Tides of Change: David La Chapelle salutes the marvels of the natural world, the firepower of intuition, and the compassion that animates us to become caring human beings.
  • Quest: Denise Linn draws upon her Cherokee roots in her discussion of the ritual value of a vision quest.
  • The Spiritual Emerson: David Robinson edits this substantive overview of the spiritual vision of Emerson as preacher, teacher, poet, and essayist.
  • The Fabric of the Future: Editor M. J. Ryan gathers essays by spiritual women who weave together the fabric of the universe with their values and visions.
  • Sight and Sensibility: Laura Sewall heralds shaman traditions as a melding of vision, imagination, and appreciation of the natural world.
  • Frederick Franck: Albert Shahinian serves as curator for this retrospective of 30 years of this visionary artist Frederick Franck's paintings, drawings, and other work.
  • Webs of Power: Starhawk delivers her reports from the front lines of the global justice movement and her vision of a more just and sustainable world.
  • FaithQuakes: Leonard Sweet offers an electric, eclectic, and eccentric vision of 21st century Christianity.
  • Rufus Jones: Kerry Walters edits this top-drawer collection of selections from the works of Rufus Jones, a visionary Quaker mystic, social activist, and promoter of peace.


Revelations by Sophy Burnham is a novel about an Episcopal minister in the 1950s who has a vision of God. His congregation and the Bishop are uncomfortable with his revised understanding of the Gospel. This story asks us to consider the meaning of visions, especially when they challenge conventional theology and ecclesiastical stability.

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