Ways to practice Vision include vision quests, right livelihood, leadership, mission statements, ethical decision-making, and the specific practices below.

Send an encouraging message to your "activist self." Make a list of changes in the world around you — developments in line with your vision of a better world — that have occurred in the last one to five years. Then write a forward-dated entry in your journal or write a letter to yourself dated one to five years from today. Write about what you want to have occurring in your life and in the world at that time.

Be An Optimist by Alan Epstein instructs us to look on the bright side of everything.

Creative Visualization by Bernie S. Siegel encourages us to picture a good life for ourselves.

Developing the Inner Visionary by Angeles Arrien shares important practices to develop your inner visionary.

Ending Racism by Clyde W. Ford recommends creating a personal vision of what ending racism means to you.

Everyone Is Struggling by Tom Cowan asks us to visualize the well-being of others.

In Any Instant by Annie Dillard points out that God's revelation is ongoing and holiness is all around us.

Look at Something Holy by Yitzhak Buxbaum directs us to sanctify and protect our vision.

Look at the World from On High by Alan Epstein suggests that we look at the reality of our everyday lives from the perspective of the highest point we can access.

Never Stop Believing by Robert Fulghum instructs us to hold on to the possibility of our vision for the world.

Reflect on Your Day by Habib Todd Boerger suggests that we use the Examen prayer practice to reflect on our personal beliefs and American democratic values.

See Only the Good by Joseph Telushkin offers Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk’s prayer for God’s help in seeing others’ goodness and suggests that we practice this intention regularly.

The Most Important Person in Your Life by Donald Altman envisions a life in which we deeply notice each person we are with in each moment.

Vision Map by Debbie Ford presents a practice that taps into the vision you have for your life.

Vision Quest by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat motivates us to create our own retreat and search for spiritual guidance.

Wash Away Your Worries by Bernie S. Siegel tells us to visualize our troubles in the cleansing flow of water.

Watch Your Favorite Shows Attentively by Habib Todd Boerger proposes that we use entertainment as an impetus to consider and develop democratic values.

More Spiritual Practices about Vision