The overture for Gioacchino Rossini's opera Guillaume Tell (William Tell Overture) is music for visionaries. In the opera, it recalls the hero's fight for freedom from political tyranny. Of course, we can't listen to it today without having visions from our childhood of the Lone Ranger — it was his theme song — coming to the rescue of desperate people. This is marching, galloping music that propels you to put energy into any endeavor, even the seemingly impossible ones. It is the sound of idealism.

For a particularly inspiring rendition of this overture, listen to the one played by the brass band in the video movie Brassed Off. They come from a North Yorkshire town in England that is about to lose its main employer when the government shuts down its coal pit. Determined to keep their spirits up, the miners' band enters a competition and make it all the way to the final concert at Albert Hall. There it's the William Tell Overture that most expresses their determined vision of a better life.

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