• Generosity
    Enjoy the intrinsic rewards of giving, like the high we get from helping others, living passionately, and building caring connections. These spiritual practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes and more about giving from the heart will strengthen your practice of generosity, whether the kindnesses you share are monetary support, wisdom, nonjudgmental listening, or warm greetings with a smile.
  • Progressive Christian Spirituality
    Enjoy a roundup of our content on the emerging trend of progressive Christianity, including a comprehensive A-Z offering of spiritual practices covering topics such as adversaries, a better world, devotion, faith, the fire of love, hope, hospitality, justice, kindness, mysticism, a new moral vision, resting in stillness, the way of wisdom, what churches could be, unity, zeal and more. These books, quotations, probes, stories, prayers, and more promote a vision characterized by such elements as nonexclusivity in our multifaith world, a priority of experience over belief, and spiritual literacy.
  • Yes
    Embrace what is by making our prayers and our lives become β€œyes.” These articles, books, films, memes, poetry, quotes, and more about finding our way to β€œyes” more quickly will help you embrace the adventure of life.