For those who are sheltering-in-place during the coronavirus pandemic and find themselves with more time to watch movies and videos, we invite you to enjoy the inspirational film series based on the spiritual alphabet introduced in Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s bestselling book Spiritual Literacy. Each film presents 15 – 20 short soul-stirring “a-ha” readings creatively married to sense-luscious visuals and emotionally vibrant music. Here’s what Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, said about these films:

"Even though I'm a 'spiritual' writer, I'm skeptical about 'spiritual' music and video productions. But this series is a truly a gem. It is intelligent, beautiful, and original. You can use it for information and meditation. You can teach with it and give it to a friend who is sick or depressed. You can use it as a model for expressing your own creativity. Or, you can simply enjoy it."

The 26 half-hour films are available to rent for $1.99 each or purchase for $5.95 each from our Spiritual Literacy Media Video-On-Demand pages. The director, David Cherniack, designed them to be “gateways to reflection and meditation,” and we hope you find them to be so. For journal prompts and practice suggestions, see the Viewer’s Guides for each film:

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat have also created an e-course on the film series, which is available on-demand. Read more about it and sign up here.