When you are not depressed about your depression, and you wait, you can enter the gates of heaven on earth. Once you experience this, you have learned one of the ultimate laws of life: life uses the opposite as a teacher. The opposite of depression is celebration. Celebrate everything, and trust that everything that happens is for the good.

When you feel depressed, or any emotion that you don't like, allow it to be there. Just be aware that you are depressed. Problems arise when we judge ourselves for being depressed. Then a second depression follows. The first depression is natural and will pass in its own time. The second depression is unnatural because we are in a fight with ourselves.

When you are depressed, anxious, or worried, allow those feelings to be there with nonjudgment and compassion for yourself. Let the situation be as it is without trying to change it.

Over time, as you practice this technique, you notice your depression lifting. Be aware and alert, because when night is over, there is dawn and the sun rises once again.

Pragito Dove in Laughter, Tears, Silence