There is a remarkable prayer to be recited before bed that appears in many traditional Jewish prayer books. It is meant to help us release any resentments that we have built up during the day. Here are the words that I repeat.

Ribno shel olam

Holy Presence of the Universe, I now forgive all who have hurt me, all who have done me wrong, whether deliberately or by accident, whether by word, by deed, or by thought, whether against my pride, my person, or my property, in this incarnation or in any other. May no one be punished on my account.

And may it be Thy Will, Eternal One, my God and the God of my fathers and mothers, that I be no more bound by the wrongs that I have committed, that I be free from patterns that cause pain to me and to others, that I no longer do that which is evil in Thy sight.

May my past failings be wiped away in Your great Mercy, Eternal One, and may they not increase pain and suffering.

Let my words, my thoughts, my meditations, and my acts flow from the fullness of Your Being, Eternal One, Source of my being and my Redeemer.

Ted Falcon in Getting to the Heart of Interfaith by Don Mackenzie, Ted Falcon, Jamal Rahman