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Loving One Another A Christian meditation on unconditional and all-inclusive love.
Embodying the Good Samaritan Meditation on the story of the Good Samaritan and a call to do likewise.
Dealing with Violence Recommendations for responding to violence with journaling and reflections on Jesus' teachings.
Singing Alone and Together A call to sing as a way of coming closer to God and others.
Praying the Hours A call to remember God at intervals throughout your day.
Carrying a Sacred Text with You A call to focus on a scripture passage throughout your day.
Peace Meditation Meditation on Matthew 5:9.
Opening Your Eyes to Social Injustice A Christian spiritual practice for developing a sense of social justice.
Three-Day Shabbat Encourage interfaith dialogue with this multifaith practice.
Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice Iman Jamal Rahman's explanation of love in Islam.