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Honoring Your Holiness A Jewish spiritual practice for welcoming the stranger.
Reframing Apparent Defeat A meditation on the transformational benefit of failure and obstacles.
The Indwelling One A meditation on 1 Kings 18:39.
Countering Violence A call to cultivate inner peace.
The Shiviti Guidance for achieving equanimity through God-consciousness.
Noticing Contrasts in Your Life Guidance for using simple observations to lead to greater consciousness.
Blessing the Other Suggestions for celebrating diversity through blessing.
A Prayer for Releasing Resentments An expression of repentance and intention to think, speak, and act from Source.
Religion Gone Astray Don Mackenzie, Ted Falcon, and Jamal Rahman on how each of the three Abrahamic faiths have practices that provide a way of discerning the consistent and inconsistent verses and beliefs of each of thes…
Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice A top-drawer celebration of diverse spiritual practices for social activists in the growing interfaith movement.