L. Annie Foerster is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who has served churches in Washington State, Texas and Ohio. She draws from her vast experience in offering prayers at gatherings of many sorts, from church dedications to gay pride services.

As a seasoned and caring minister who attended many interfaith gatherings and who led many prayers at these gatherings, she has the expertise to advise on how to draft your own prayer or how to choose the right one for the occasion. To that end, she provides an extensive collection from her own prayers and those of more than thirty other contributors. The topics/occasions include children, closing words/benedictions, blessings, interfaith meetings, meditations, memorial services, calls to worship, public service, and more.

With so much conflict and divisiveness in the world today, “we need to become passionately inclusive, beginning with our universal concerns for other living things: children, trees, pets.” This book meets that need, providing a valuable resource for prayers that bring us together.