The dictionary defines a chore as a routine or minor duty. What a perfect opportunity for you to be more present in those areas where habits have taken the place of awareness!

When chores accumulate, your energy is consumed by inner conversations about how you will soon begin, or about how you should already have finished them. And when you complete a chore that you've been sluggish about, it releases all the pent-up energy you've been holding, allowing space for something new to take its place.

The Ritual: For your ritual today, choose a chore to complete that captures your inner conversation. It's the one about which you say, "I've got to get to that" whenever you walk by. It could be mowing the lawn, or cleaning the kitchen, or any other activity you tend to put off until later.

When you've made your choice, begin slowing your movements until your thoughts and actions harmonize. Today there is no rush to the finish. You are here to enjoy the journey.

If you find yourself thinking about what you'll do after you have completed your chore, bring your thoughts back to the action at hand. Let completion be a natural conclusion. You will get there, and be more relaxed along the way.

Staying present and connected with the task has the added benefit of releasing attachment to the outcome, a simple act that allows you, each step along the way, to be at the beginning. This state of mind is often called beginner's mind, and it is where great philosophers gather wisdom.

A chore is my duty to perform
It also is my honor
If I can find greatness in simple things
What more can I discover
In the vast universe around me

Michael Davis in Rituals