I notice the sensations of contraction and tightness in my body.

I choose to press the metaphorical pause button and decide to try something new.

I reconnect to my yearning to find peace of mind and heart.

I recognize my feelings of rage, anger, resentment, and frustration.

I lightly lean into the felt sense of those emotions.

With compassion and understanding, I gently contain the ferocity of my feelings.

I surrender to the flow of breath connecting me to a much broader perspective.

At times it may be helpful to add a few more phrases that help you join a bigger perspective beyond your own predicament….

  • In my mind's eye, I remember those many others who have experienced trauma and loss and also suffer from feelings of rage, grief, and fear.
  • I expand my compassion and well-wishing to all those and their families and say, "May we all be well, may we all be safe, may we all receive the support we need to heal and grow."
  • Surrendering to the flow of breath, the flow of life, connects all of us to a wider and kinder perspective.
Radhule Weininger in Heartwork