We pray to you, God, our Creator, to bless our dogs with Your radiant light and love. May our animal friends have good health and happy lives and always be protected and safe.

We ask for better understanding as we learn from our dogs' wisdom, their innocence, their loyalty and particularly their seeming ability to not judge human beings unkindly.

Thank you for the pleasures, playfulness, and sometimes the surprising humor our pets display.

Thank you for their companionship and friendship, especially for those lonely hours we may have experienced.

Thank you for our companions' natural ability to teach us to be aware of the present moment.

Thank you for the pure beauty of every dog — their form, color, texture, motion is all a work of art, and may we appreciate Your creation of this masterpiece.

Bless all dogs in harm's way, heal the sick, protect those who are lost, and guide them to safety.

Thank you for the gift of love. Amen

Phyllis Ann Min in Dog Blessings by June Cotner