Marc E. Agronin, an adult and geriatric psychiatrist, challenges readers to embrace the wisdom that only age can bring. Here is an excerpt from How We Age.

Robert C. Atchley, a professor of gerontology, shares a substantive overview of the interplay between spirituality and aging. Here is a series of questions from Spirituality and Aging for doing a spiritual self-assessment.

Robert Atwell, the Catholic bishop of Stockport, England, has put together a top-drawer collection of essays on the spiritual lives of older persons. Here is an excerpt from Soul Unfinished on coping with loss and questing for connections at this stage of life.

Ram Dass, in his poignant memoir on aging, maps the many ways we can draw closer to God through illness and facing death. In this excerpt from Still Here, he writes about the persistent challenge of being present.

Linda Douty, a seasoned spiritual director and retreat leader, examines aging as a door to growth, maturation, and ripening. In this excerpt from How Did I Get to Be 70 When I'm 35 Inside? she suggests using a variety of spiritual practices to connect with God.

Ruth Fishel, a prolific writer and national retreat leader, provides meditations about elders for each day of the year. Here is an excerpt from Wrinkles Don't Hurt on paying close attention to brushing your teeth as a spiritual practice.

Ted C. Fishman, a veteran journalist, has written a fascinating overview of the aging of the world's population and what it all means. Here is an excerpt from Shock of Gray on love and grandparenting.

Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin present the findings of a landmark eight-decade study of the factors contributing to a long and healthy life. Here is an excerpt from The Longevity Project on nurturing qualities that contribute to longevity.

Emilie Griffin, an award-winning playwright, probes the ways in which her Christian faith informs her spiritual journey in her later years. Here is an excerpt from Green Leaves for Later Years on the meaning of faith.

Michael Gurian, a renowned marriage and family counselor, believes that a new spirit of aging is afoot in our culture. He presents the three ages of the second half of life and the art of being a spiritual elder. Here is an excerpt from The Wonder of Aging on nurturing as a spiritual elder.

James Hollis, a Jungian analyst, explores the spiritual meanings that we discover during the second half of life. Here is an except from Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life on openness.

Paula Huston, a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellow, shares 10 spiritual disciplines that serve as antidotes to the dark side of old age. In this excerpt from A Season of Mystery, she suggests ways of keeping death before our eyes as a positive practice.

John Izzo shares five secrets that lie behind a happy and meaningful life that he learned from interviews with many wise elders. Here is an excerpt from The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die.

Gordon Livingston, a physician and psychiatrist, presents 30 essays covering the things he has learned about parenting, marriage, happiness, loss, and more. Here is an excerpt from Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart on the role of hope in the lives of elders.

Wendy Lustbader, who works with older people, their families, and caregivers presents a lively crosscut of elder voices from a variety of sources. The end result is a reframing of the last stage of life. Here is an excerpt from Life Gets Better on having more time for generosity.

Joseph M. Marshall III, a teacher and writer, has written a book which describes the wisdom passed on to him by his Lakota grandfather, including an appreciation of stories as good medicine. In this excerpt from Walking with Grandfather Marshall talks about the councils of elders and the virtues they espoused.

Lewis Richmond, a Zen Buddhist priest and meditation leader, presents a measured and thoughtful approach to growing older. In this excerpt from Aging as a Spiritual Practice, he writes about the challenges of discovering one's own elderhood and what that means.

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, maps the second stage of life which involves the unfolding of spiritual maturity. Here is an excerpt from Falling Upward on transformation.

Thomas Ryan, director of the Paulist North American Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, takes a long and hard look at aging, illness, loss, and death. Here is an excerpt from Remember to Live! on accepting your dependence on others at this stage of life.

Bernadette McCarver Snyder is a very clever and funny writer who offers daffy definitions for seniors moving from "Alias" to "Zebras" in this paperback. Here is an excerpt from Daffy Definitions for Seniors on attention and yawning.