Picture Books about Grandparents

Anh's Anger by Gail Silver is about a wise grandfather who helps his grandson see that mindful sitting and breathing can transform anger — as the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has taught.

But What If? by Sue Graves is about a little girl who is worried about moving and going to a new school. Her grandfather calms her down by pointing out that looking on the bright side of things will bring energy and joy into her life.

Grandad's Prayers of the Earth by Douglas Wood is about a devout and wise grandfather who passes on to his grandson the idea that it is possible to hear prayers all around us in the world of nature. This proves to be very important to the boy when he becomes a teenager.

Grandma's Wedding Album by Harriet Ziefert models an important role grandparents can play in explaining important rituals in life and by sharing their stories with a trip down memory lane.

Grandpa's Soup by Eiko Kadono is about a grandfather, still mourning the death of his wife, who moves beyond grief by making meatball soup for the grateful community around him.

Lights Out Shabbat by Sarene Shulimson is about a young Jewish boy's visit to his grandparents. He draws closer to them as they experience moments of wonder together during and after Shabbat.

The Matatu by Eric Walters is about a little boy who listens to a folktale told by his grandfather and feels a deep love connection with him.

Piglet and Granny by Margaret Wild is a sprightly story that illustrates the close ties between Piglet and her grandmother and the lessons that elders can teach about patience.

A Secret Keeps by Marsha Wilson Thall is a fine cross-generational tale about the alluring nature of secrets and the close ties of affection between grandparents and grandchildren.

Zayde Comes to Live by Sheri Sinykin is an excellent primer on grief for children ages 6 through 10 that focuses on a little Jewish girl dealing with the death of her grandfather.