I can't know what will happen when I get around to shedding this mortal coil. That must be left in the hands of God. Not knowing the unknowable, I cannot prepare for it. . . . What I can do is prepare my little corner of earth so that should He come to me in any form he would be met with kindness and generosity, his creations taken care of to the best of my ability, his creatures, two- and four-legged, treated with respect. . . .

Since I cannot realistically seek Him in the afterlife or the cosmos, I will keep my eye out for him in the neighborhood, try to be ever vigilant, assuming that everyone from the pizza delivery girl to the guy with the obnoxious all-terrain vehicle could be him, or at least of him. I will cultivate blessings and grace in the dirt of my garden, the words of my friends, the eyes of my dogs.

Nevada Barr, Seeking Enlightenment. . . Hat by Hat