In the humility, reverence, and surrender of Child's Pose, we open ourselves completely to all of creation. . . .

Arrive in the heart of the present moment. Stay as still as a deer standing silently in the forest, its ears softly quivering, alert to every sound. Listen everywhere, with open spacious awareness, like the deer.

From this vibrant animal stillness, lengthen your arms out in front of you, like a cat stroking the earth, without letting the movement ruffle your mind. Let your arms grow from your heart, sitting bones, and feet. Press your hands down, connecting with and grounding into the darkness of the earth beneath you.

Continue reaching forward as if you were now gently moving through water. Allow your body to undulate softly like a fish. Swim your arms further out onto your mat, lengthening from your belly to your fingers. Let the warm fluid energy you now feel stream evenly to all your cells, awakening your whole body. Feel your oneness with all sea creatures, from the tiniest squiggly amoeba to the majestic blue whale leaping in joy.

Millions of people are now praying in this position of prayer and devotion. Link the human community to the animal world with a prayer for the protection and liberation of all sentient beings everywhere. Your body is now a temple in which your heart sings a silent song of blessing for all creation.

Andrew Harvey, Karuna Erickson, Heart Yoga