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Pacem in Terris Frederick Franck on where art comes from and the no-thing-ness of it.
The Zen of Seeing A revelation of sheer existence.
Messenger of the Heart Frederick Franck's verses on love.
The Supreme Koan Two thought-provoking essays and two Buddhist-Christian miracle plays.
Zen and Zen Classics R.H. Blyth, in a book edited by Frederick Franck, with anecdotes about becoming open.
Pacem in Terris The story of how Franck, a painter and sculptor, turned ruins of an old mill into a transreligious oasis.
To Be Human Against All Odds A reminder that ecological "infractions" are crimes against humanity.
After 9/11, Pieta for Darfur and Iraq, Solstice Three works by spiritual master and artist Frederick Franck and the artist's story of how he created his Pieta.
The Buddha Eye A collection of essays on the multiple meanings of Zen.
Ode to the Human Face A gift book with photos of clay faces relaying the artist's preoccupation with the meaning of being human.