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Radical Spirit Joan Chittister on how humility requires listening and openness to the wisdom and views of others.
Gifts of a Scarred Soul An e-course on how the spiritual challenge of struggle transforms us.
In God's Holy Light The Desert Father Abba John on spiritual integrity and maturity.
In God's Holy Light Commentaries on the teachings of the Olympians of the spiritual life.
Journey into Mercy An e-course flowing from the 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis.
Bowing to a Companion A monastic practice acknowleding the God in others.
Two Dogs and a Parrot An important lesson about acceptance from Danny the puppy.
Two Dogs and a Parrot The spiritual challenges and the marvelous lessons we learn from living with companion animals.
Between the Dark and the Daylight An uplifting work about the art of reframing drawbacks and imperfections as spiritual teachers.
Between the Dark and the Daylight Joan Chittister on using loneliness as a spur to a new life.