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Jackie Two scenes from the film Jackie address the human search for meaning even when there are no easy answers.
I Origins A spiritual movie about the eyes, science, reincarnation, and the great mysteries of life.
Global Spirit - Rumi and the Sufi Path of Love An exploration of the Sufi mystic's spiritual legacy.
A Passage to India A literary riddle that each person is challenged to decipher in light of his or her own perception of human passion and prejudice.
The Lego Movie A spiritually literate animated film for people of all ages that affirms that everyone is special and everything is truly awesome.
Dekalog: One A treatment of the First Commandment similar in spirit and intention to the parables of Jesus.
Jesus & Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions A timely, soul-stirring mapping of Christians enriching their faith with insights from Zen Buddhism.
The Adjustment Bureau A satisfying spiritual love story about the preciousness of free will and the lengths some human beings will go to be with their soul mate.
The Shape of Water A sensuous film that is both a fairy tale and a socially relevant portrait of the prejudices afoot in our times.
Sympathy for Delicious The spiritual journey of a disabled turntable dj with a gift of healing from Skid Row to megabuck success as a member of a heavy metal band.