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Hospitalite A comedy of manners about the ways and the means whereby power-hungry people are able to manipulate humble and kind souls.
Dekalog: Three A drama about the challenge and responsibility of making the Sabbath holy.
Tabu A dreamlike Portuguese drama about yearning that will appeal to the adventuresome filmgoer looking for something a little bit different.
The Painted Veil A beautiful and very believable story, set in China in the 1920s, about the personal transformation of a married couple.
The Kind Words A heart-affecting Israeli drama that emboldens us to embrace mystery when it comes into our lives.
Dekalog: Nine A drama about marriage as an optimum laboratory for the training of the heart.
The Blue Room A chilling and creatively structure French murder mystery tale.
The Skeleton Twins An exploration of both the complications and the life-affirming dimensions of sibling relationships.
Adore A bold and vivid exploration of the sexual desire of two middle-aged female friends.
Come Undone An anatomy of a sexual affair by Silvio Soldini, one of Italy's most gifted directors.