Orna (Liron Ben Shlush) is a mother of three children who lends a helping hand to her husband, who is the chef at a restaurant. She is quite pleased with herself when Benny (Menashe Nov), a successful entrepreneur, hires her to work as his assistant on a luxury condominium tower. He remembers her from when he was her superior officer in the Israeli army.

Much to her surprise, Orna discovers that she has a gift for selling expensive real estate. Benny and his associates are impressed when she renames the building Lily Beach and convinces a French Jewish couple to buy into the large project. But her boss steps over the line when he praises her beauty and asks her to wear her hair down. When he impulsively kisses her, she begins to wonder whether her new job will last. Equally disconcerting is her husband's jealousy over her spending more time with Benny than with him and their kids. Meanwhile, Benny keeps raising her salary, making it quite clear that he adores her.

Working Woman does not say anything particularly new about adultery and the power plays of womanizing men. But the excellent screenplay by writer and director Aviad, Sharon Azulay Eyal, and Michael Vinik, combined with the emotion conveyed by Liron Ben Shlush as Orna, does make this story very contemporary and pertinent in the #MeToo age.