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Boss No More How a mother guides her bossy son through a rough patch at school where he is rejected by classmates.
Chronicle A scary and sad movie about a victim of bullies who becomes what he hates most when he gets some mysterious superpowers.
Bullets into Bells A riveting collection of poems written to spur citizen activism against gun violence.
Sex, Death and Bowling A richly emotional character-driven drama.
The willingness to work hard without complaint The willingness to work hard without complaint
Wonder An extraordinarily sensitive drama that tutors us in the spiritual practices of wonder and kindness.
Coming Through the Rye An appealing drama about the quest of a creative young man to visit his hero, J. D. Salinger.
Bully 101 A clever children's book which reveals that respect, empathy, and kindness are the missing ingredients in the character of bullies.
Being 17 A compelling French drama that enables us to savor the poignant mysteries of love, yearning, and sex.
Roots of Empathy A rousing explanation of the expanded role empathy can play in the lives of children.