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Teilhard in the 21st Century Demonstrates that this French Jesuit's pioneering thought continues to send ripples across the waters of religion, science, theology, and environmental studies.
The Yes Men Are Revolting The continuing escapades of the Yes Men whose espousal of Crazy Wisdom bothers corporations and government agencies.
This Changes Everything Naomi Klein on how climate change is worthy of a Marshall Plan response.
Grace will win out Grace will win out
Sallie McFague in Life Abundant The link between "natural" disasters
Vesper Flights Wonder-filled essays on the marvels of the natural world and the threats to non-human survival.
We Are the Weather Startling statistics and facts that make the case for more imagination in confronting the climate crisis.
Arctic Tale An extraordinary documentary that heightens our connection with the lives and destinies of an Arctic polar bear and a walrus.
Ecology and the Jewish Spirit Lifts up and accentuates the connections between nature and the sacred in Jewish thought.
Dharma Rain A reinforcement of the view that Buddhism is the most "green" of all world religions.