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Dance - The Sacred Art Cynthia Winton-Henry on some of the spiritual reasons to dance.
The Dance A challenge to discover our essential nature and to dance through our days with acceptance, courage, joy, and love.
Body and Soul Suggestions of ways to wake up to the miracle of movement and dance.
The Way of Passion Andrew Harvey on Rumi's poetry of joy.
Bird Medicine Evan T. Pritchard on sparrows as playful and clever birds.
Love Poems from God Daniel Landinsky's version of Tukaram's poem "First He Looked Confused."
Foolsgold Susan G. Wooldridge on dance as prayer and one person's self-nurturing experience with it.
Love Poems from God Daniel Landinsky's version of Rabia's poem "A Lover Who Wants His Lovers Near."
Invisible Lines of Connection Lawrence Kushner on how the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about.
Circle of Shaman Provides an interesting peephole into the evolution of shamanism in our time.