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The Candle and the Crossroads An account of a conjurer's experiences and understandings of magic and the Spirit world.
1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off Wide-ranging reading material for the very curious.
Gypsy Fortunes A book and deck of 36 cards explaining the different ways of card-reading.
The Taste for Things That Are True States that asking the right questions is the right path to true self-knowledge.
1,339 Quite Interesting Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop A playful and entertaining book to draw out your wonderosity.
The Museum of Lost Wonder Uses science, art, and mysticism to stir our imagination and stimulate our sense of wonder.
Forbidden Faith Richard Smoley on modern-day devotion to the Sacred Feminine and the significance of the Da Vinci Code.
Modern Esoteric Spirituality Offers insightful and substantive sections on alchemy, astrology, theosophy and much more.
Visionary Activist Astology A nine-hour workshop on making the most of astrology's wonders and messages.
Modern Esoteric Spirituality Insightful material on alchemy, astrology, theosophy and occultism.