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Birthday of Abraham Joshua Heschel (PDP) Quotes to remember the wisdom of this Jewish teacher, theologian, and social activist.
Meister Eckhart Day Mystical meanings at the core of reality from the fourteenth century Dominican priest and theologian.
Deep Happiness Encouragement to find joy in performing acts of kindness regularly.
A Blessing for Putting on Your Shoes A traditional Jewish blessing.
Floss and Pray A prompt to bring sacredness to a daily activity.
Alarm-Clock Alleluia Encouragement to greet the day with prayerful gratitude.
Sixty Seconds of Gratitude A practice for embracing each day with gratitude and love.
While Traveling By Car A gratitude prayer about driving.
A David Steindl-Rast Blessing A prayer for awareness and care.
There's Always Time to Pray Instructions on the mantra method of prayer in Christianity, Islam, Eastern religions, along with sample mantras.