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Baby Krishna, Infant Christ A robust and radical theological work that salutes the Hindu understanding of play and applies it to the Christian view of God and Jesus.
A New Christianity for a New World John Shelby Spong on a humanity without boundaries, hospitable to divinity.
A Place Like Any Other Molly Wolf on loving touch of sacramental rites.
The Rising Fresh approaches and stories for these key periods of the Christian calendar.
The Heart of Matter Valid concerns for the responsibilities and ecstasies of believers in an ever evolving world.
The Holy Longing A bold and thought-provoking meditation on the concrete implications of the Incarnation.
In the Sanctuary of Women Jan L. Richardson on how thin places reveal the Mysteries of God.
God with Skin On Explores a variety of human relationships as a workshop for experiencing and enacting God's love.
Becoming New Two theologians on the Divine Mystery within everything.
Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People Reverent and insightful assessments of Mystery and liturgy.