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Judge One Another Favorably Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Daily Good A daily practice for enthusiasm, resilience, and optimism.
Judaism The best of the best of our resources on Judaism.Study and Practice to: walk the path of blessings pave your days with positive intentions and good deeds make your contribution to the repair the w…
The Mitzvah Magician A snappy children's book about a little Jewish boy who wants to do magic and discovers the joys of repairing the world and making things better.
Sammy Spider's New Friend A spiffy children's story illustrating the vitality of the Jewish practice of hospitality.
Shviti Practice A visualization to fill yourself or another with the light and love of God.
That's a Mitzvah A lively and joyful teaching tool for parents.
It's a ... It's a ... It's a Mitzvah A playful book introducing kids to the abundant pleasures of being kind, doing good, and repairing the world.
The Wisdom of the Rebbes A retreat on four ways to God embraced by Hasidism: wisdom, study, faith, and humility.