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Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh A rounded and authoritative survey of Eastern Orthodox spirituality where art and imagination have special significance.
Behold the Beauty of the Lord A substantive assessment of four icons as pathways to the mystery, love, and beauty of God.
Trappist A companion piece to the documentary conveying a monastery's contemplative rhythms.
Imagination and the Journey of Faith A good case for imagination as a path to God.
A People's Art History of the United States An illustrated guide to all the ways artists have contributed to the culture of resistance.
Voices of the First Day A revelation of the rich legacy of the aboriginals for the human race.
Mary and the Catholic Imagination Ideas about and experiences of Mary among contemporary Catholics.
The Circle of Life Reflections on rites of passage in 73 countries -- from birth to death and all that lies between.
Wisdom from the Earth A compendium of contemporary Aboriginal art and talks with elders about the Dreamtime.
Crafting Calm 40 creative projects and practices for calm, comfort, contemplation, creation, and community.