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Ways to Pray from Around the World How to incorporate 12 creative spiritual practices from different cultures and religious traditions into your prayer life.
Prayers for Hope and Comfort Margaret Jain's prayer for keeping relationships healthy by being kind.
Crafting Gratitude How to make a Honey Jar to express gratitude for your vocation.
The Way We Pray Maggie Oman Shannon on how simplicity is at the heart of the Taize prayer service.
Crafting Calm 40 creative projects and practices for calm, comfort, contemplation, creation, and community.
Crafting Calm Maggie Oman Shannon on how to create a personal medicine bag.
Prayers for Hope and Comfort A fine collection of inspirational quotations, prayers and reflections designed to spur hope and personal renewal.
Crafting Love A marvelous collection of craft projects to express your love for people, places, animals, and things.
The Way We Pray A treasure-trove of 50 prayer practices for those yearning to expand their devotional lives.
Prayers for Hope and Comfort Diane Berke with a prayer process for healing difficult relationships.