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Red Planet A mission to Mars during which six astronauts confront the best and the worst that is in them.
The Sixth Day A sci-fi thriller set in the near future when a corporation tries to make a killing on the cloning of human beings.
Deep Blue Sea A scary film about some of the consequences of messing with Mother Nature.
Blade Runner A top-drawer sci-fi drama set in Los Angeles in 2019.
Fire in the Turtle House Charts the plight of these ancient reptiles and calls us to see that we are all children of the sea.
Why Religion Matters Criticizes the present power and status of scientism and its cronies, technology and a relativistic understanding of existence.
The Web of Life A worldview based on a synthesis of new discoveries about the universe, the natural world and human nature.
The Dish The fascinating story of three Australian scientists and their work with NASA to transmit images of the Apollo XI landing on the moon to the waiting world.
The Wisdom of a Prophet Two lectures on a Christian perspective that embraces both modern science and Eastern mysticism.
Mon Oncle D'Amerique A philosophical puzzle that lingers in the mind long after the closing credit.