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Napoleon A propulsive biopicture about France’s most famous military leader whose destiny was shaped by his narcissistic personality, tunnel vision, and need to win.
The Last Duel A tough and rigorous morality drama about the waning of the chivalric code in the Middle Ages.
All the Money in the World A thought-provoking morality play about the value of money.
The Martian A science fiction gem that includes a tribute to the importance of little things like duct tape.
Prometheus A combo science-fiction horror film and quest drama exploring the origin of our species.
Robin Hood A rousing and well-acted screen interpretation of the backstory of Robin Hood before he became a heroic outlaw and champion of the poor.
Body of Lies A thriller that reveals the latest twists and turns in the war on terrorism.
A Good Year Magically transports us to the sensuous setting of southern France where memory, love, and a grand fondness for place conspire to alter the life of a selfish London trader.
Hannibal A scary thriller that shows us that no matter how many right things we do, we eventually have to square off with the unappealing side of ourselves.
Gladiator A spectacular action drama that brings us face to face with our blood lust and other powerful emotions that draw out the best and the worst in us.