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Peril Explores several interesting dimensions of sexual politics.
Robert Et Robert A bittersweet love story.
The Tao of Steve A fresh romantic comedy about a Lothario whose Taoist philosophy enables him to change his chauvinist ways once he meets the right woman.
Being John Malkovich An Alice-in-Wonderland extravaganza about the yearning we all have, occaisionally, to be someone else.
Reach the Rock A drama that probes the prejudices and divisiveness of a small community.
Guarding Tess Speaks to the universal human yearning for someone to watch over us.
Someone to Watch Over Me A top-drawer romantic thriller.
Cross My Heart Reveals that honesty is the best policy for dating couples.
The Pick-Up Artist Features Robert Downey Jr. as a smooth-talking womanizer who meets his match.
Swann in Love Offers an anatomy of lovesickness as a blend of adoration, fear, pain, jealousy, and anguish.