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Repent of the Sin of War John Dear's personal account of 9/11 and how he intends to honor the anniversary.
Building Safety Ways of creating safe space for all.
All My Relations A teaching from Native Americans about the need to take responsibility, forgive, apologize, and have hope.
Practice to Create Peace in the Heart Story of how a Buddhist community recited the Refuges and the Precepts after 9/11 and instructions for this practice on the anniversary of that event.
Rest in Peace: September 11, 2001 A Spiritual Perspective on the World Trade Center Tragedy written as an "I am" poem/prayer.
Rest in Peace: September 11, 2002 A prayer for peace and a call to widen the circle of our empathy and compassion on the first anniversary of the September 11 tragedies.
Prayer for World Peace A prayer for world peace from Sister Joan on the anniversary of 9/11.
Urgently Needed: A Peace Surge Readings and practices for those wanting to head off a descent into international violence.
What I Would Say to Osama bin Laden Reprint of an interview published originally in September 2001.