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Working Man An insightful drama about the roles work plays in two men's lives.
Logan Lucky A frolicsome rural crime thriller.
People Get Ready A summary of how middle-class jobs are being lost due to automation and digital technology.
A Prayer for Baby Boomers in Distress The continuing recession in the United States has been especially hard on Baby Boomers, those in their 50s and 60s raised with high hopes of a happy and fulfilling retirement filled with travel and …
The Rich and the Rest of Us Reflections upon different understandings of the values assumed to be part of the American dream.
Parked A remarkable Irish drama about a homeless man living in his car whose friends help him get unstuck.
My Piece of the Pie A clever and thought-provoking French comedy about two people who are thrown together: a working-class single parent and a high-finance superstar.
Praise Song for the Pandemic In times that strain our resources, our energy, and our resilience, we need refreshment of spirit more than ever. The following prayer by Christine Valters Paintner — an American poet and writer l…
A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed An accessible and up-tempo collection of prayers, meditations, and reflections on surviving the fears and uncertainties of unemployment.
Catholics Spending and Acting Justly A discussion guide with information on Catholic social teachings on poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and other problems.