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Make Me a Blessing A prayer for being of service in the world.
A coach's blessing A coach's blessing
Ordinary Blessings Poetic prose to enrich a wide variety of occasions.
365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World An incredibly diverse and helpful compendium of blessings that lift up justice.
The Blessing Path A month of quotes about the blessing path, the spiritual practice of blessings, and blessing prayers.
Blessings for God's People A collection of blessings to be used in the home, at church, during special rituals, and in our days and doings.
The Blessing Cup Rock Travnikar's prayer ritual for respecting the earth.
Blessings of the Cosmos Blessings and invocations of Jesus serving as a spur to our delight in being sons and daughters of God.
A Wild Faith Rabbi Mike Comins on the genesis of Jewish prayers of gratitude.