"To bless means to wish, unconditionally, total, unrestricted good for others and events from the deepest chamber of your heart; it means to hallow, to hold in reverence, to behold with utter awe that which is always a gift from the Creator," writes Pierre Pradervand, a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The author believes blessings have great transformative and healing power that is set in motion by pure intention and sincerity of heart. Another quality is necessary, and that is perseverance — the ability to not give up when the blessing path seems crooked or headed to a dead end. The sun may shine through a dark time in our lives because a friend sends us a blessing just when we need it most.

The blessings here, some original and others collected from a wide variety of sources, are listed chronologically. Most helpful is the Alphabetical Topics Index at the end, giving the reader immediate access to themes such as:

  • Body and Health Blessings
  • Celtic, Irish and Scottish Blessings
  • Children, Blessings For
  • Earth & Environmental Blessings
  • Homeless and Migrants, Blessings For
  • Jobs, Blessing For
  • Native American Blessings
  • Those in Prisons, Blessings for
  • Relationships, Blessings for
  • Terrorism and Armed Conflict Blessings
  • Testimonies
  • Individual Blessings in Alphabetical Order

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