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May I Too Abide A heartfelt wish to be a means of happiness, joy, and freedom from suffering for all beings.
Little Renunciations Wisdom about letting go of self-defeating habits.
The Eminently Trainable Mind Explanation of a Buddhist way to train the mind to be kind.
Friendliness and Giggles A teaching story about the Dalai Lama's joy.
Rejoice How rejoicing in the happiness of another person is an antidote to jealousy and a path to joy.
Greed and Giving A teaching story on giving freely.
Joyfully Losing Arguments in Daily Life Insights from Tibetan Buddhism and contemporary psychology to apply to everyday life.
The Other Team Suggestions for practicing the bodhisattva way by rooting for the other team and wishing them well.
Aimlessly Wandering Instructions for a simple, contemplative wandering practice.
Birthday of Allen Ginsberg (PDP) A response to the counter-cultural voice and activism of the seminal poet of the Beat Generation.