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The Beauty in Breaking An emergency room physician on the meaning in hurt and healing.
The World Comes to You A Buddhist teaching on letting go through mindfulness.
The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy A superb collection of 125 poems, by Buddhist and non-Buddhist poets, on essential concepts in Buddhism.
Buddha U Practical advice from the Buddhist school of life for dealing with college stress.
The Engaged Spiritual Life A substantive guidebook to wedding spiritual practice with social justice as a path of inner and outer transformation.
The Buddha and the Terrorist A poignant Buddhist parable that salutes loving one's enemies and practicing nonviolence.
Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Altars A gift box containing a pop-up altar with traditional thangka paintings of four important goddesses.
Pavement A powerful testament to the connection between spiritual practice and the yearning for peace.
Let Go, Move On Eighty essays on various aspects of Humanistic Buddhism.
Not Turning Away Essays on the challenges of moving from the meditation cushion to the intractable problems of the suffering world.