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Countering Violence A call to cultivate inner peace.
Asking Life's Deeper Questions An opportunity to reflect on your awe-inspiring questions and to express them creatively.
Reframing Apparent Defeat A meditation on the transformational benefit of failure and obstacles.
Remaining Conscious of the Divine A call to make a concerted effort to remain God-conscious.
A Sacred Sun of Awareness Advice on how to overcome our prejudices and tame our ego.
Bending with the Wind An invitation to flexibility.
Consulting Your Heart A recommendation for holding conflicts in your heart and listening to your heart's knowing.
Walking Softly on the Earth A recommendation for walking in nature with sacred mindfulness.
Opening our Heart to Others A call to pay attention to others' feelings while keeping in mind the sacred presence within them.
Embodying the Good Samaritan Meditation on the story of the Good Samaritan and a call to do likewise.