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Contribute to the creative teamwork Contribute to the creative teamwork
Birthday of Bono (PDP) Recognizing the contributions and leadership style of the international lobbyist and rock star.
The Harmony of Complexity By Jung Woo Bae in the Simplicity and Complexity issue. I blow the pitch pipe on the key of A-flat, and, almost instinctively, the four of us huddle closer together, forming an intimate circle…
Community Use of Faith Buildings Urging collaborative and community use of worship spaces.
The Little Book of Restorative Justice Howard Zehr's overview of restorative justice and its meanings.
Community and the Politics of Place A proposal for what it would mean for corporations to be good citizens of a place.
Social An exploration of the many ramifications of the drive for social connection.
Cities Are Good for You Leo Hollis on why we are hardwired to be together.
The Moogees Move House A delightful children's book about a family looking for the perfect house.
Intentional Christian Community Handbook A comprehensive overview of the blessings and challenges of Intentional Christian communities.