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The Quotable Spirit A marvelous collection of spiritual quotations from a variety of sages and different ages.
A Zen Book of Hours 144 pages of sayings from Zen seers and others along with playful and often profound brush drawings.
Windows on the House of Islam A scholarly anthology of material that reveals the breadth and depth of Muslim religious experience.
Quotations as Life-Savers and Life-Enhancers Why we love to collect and share spiritual quotations.
In Praise of Animals A wonderful collection of poems, quotations, and readings about animals.
A Little Book of Reflections Theological musings with quotations on love, faith, grace, love, and the like.
My Mercy Encompasses All Short quotations from the Koran on compassion, peace and love.
365 Prescriptions for the Soul Wise advice on coping with everyday challenges and setbacks.
Coming Into The End Zone Recounts the inner and external events in this novelist's 70th year.
Open Mind Meditations for each day of the year.