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Daily Doses of Wisdom Expect all kinds of mind visitors during meditation.
Why Do We Cry? Gentle and honest reassurance about the many reasons for tears.
Saint Teresa of Avila An introduction to the Spanish mystic with readings and prayers to use in your devotions.
Darkness Before Dawn Robert Augustus Masters on the importance of crying.
Three Zen Sutras A wise response to approaching death.
The Gravity of Joy Personal memoir and research uncovering why joy is elusive.
When Tears Sing A multidimensional presentation of the value of lamenting in our hurting world.
Forever in Love A poem by Susan R. Norton on love.
Against the Wind Dorothee Soelle on how tears helped Dorothy Day persevere in a struggle for justice.
Some Days Are Lonely A well-done children's story about how a little one deals with a bout of loneliness.