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Deng Ming-Dao A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Deng Ming-Dao, writer, leader and artist.
The Way of Heart & Beauty Taoist wisdom on what wise people are like.
The Way of Heart & Beauty An impressive collection of Taoist wisdom drenched in mystery.
The Lunar Tao Deng Ming-Dao on how much can be learned and appreciated at meal times.
The Lunar Tao Taoist meditations by a sensitive connoisseur of everyday spirituality.
The Living I Ching A new translation of the I Ching that opens up its rich imagery and treasure trove of Chinese wisdom.
Chronicles of Tao Deng Ming-Dao on how Master Kwan Saihung created a life with rich beauty in his imagination.
The Living I Ching Deng Ming-Dao on the meaning of water.
Scholar Warrior Deng Ming-Dao on Tao, the dark mystery.
Everyday Tao A down-to-earth overview of this ancient philosophy.